Web and App Development


Discover the Benefits of Web and App Development Training

Start your training today, and you could learn how to develop apps, web applications and more. In as few as 8 months, you can gain the in-demand skills employers want.

What is Web and App Development?

If you become a web and app developer, you might help create computer programs, develop systems that control networks, build websites, or design software. If you enjoy analytical thinking, creative innovation, and problem-solving, start building your web and app development skills today with Edge Tech Academy.

What career paths can I follow?

Careers in web and app development are in-demand. *The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that jobs in web development will grow 13% from 2018 to 2028, which is much faster than average for most careers. Common job titles include: Applications Developer, Software Developer, Technical Consultant, or Web Developer.


What skills could I gain?

Stay ahead in the fast-paced tech industry by learning real-world programming languages and skills, such as:

  • Database Designs: How does data get stored, and how do the different data elements interact? Database designers determine the answer to these questions, creating databases that are flexible and efficient.
  • Frontend Development: Front end refers to the visible parts of a website, software program, or application. Use HTML, JavaScript, and other programming languages to build the aspects of a website or app with which users interact.
  • Backend Development: This is the behind-the-scenes work of development and uses languages such as PHP or Ruby to find solutions to problems front end development cannot always answer.
  • Frameworks: Creating standards by which dynamic websites and applications are built is an important skill. Frameworks are packages that support the application or website, and most support databases such as SQL.
  • JavaScript: This high-level programming language is an essential part of web applications. Most websites use JavaScript, which allows for complex interactions and dynamically updating content.
  • MySQL: Structured Query Language (SQL) manages data in a relational database system. MySQL is free and open-source software and is the most popular language for adding, accessing, and managing database content.
  • C#: There are programming languages that include object-oriented features, but C# itself is object-oriented. That means its functionality is placed in a single package, it’s adaptive, and it can extend existing code into new packages.
  • HTML 5: This markup language gives structure to web content, embedding images or videos, defining the properties of a web page by creating paragraphs, headings, and more.
  • Jade: Jade is an object-oriented software development platform that enables systems to be coded in one language end-to-end. It allows one to code in a quicker and cleaner manner.

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