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Edge Tech Academy is a vocational trade school located in Arlington, Texas that offers educational programs in HVAC, CDL, healthcare, and more. Unlike some other education providers, we’re a small class-size trade school, giving students the opportunity to grow and accelerate their learning.

Here at Edge Tech Academy, we take pride in being a technical school with smaller class sizes. Combined with our industry-experienced instructors, we’re here to maximize your learning opportunities.

Benefits of Smaller Class Sizes

Wondering about the advantages of a small class-size vocational school? Check out these benefits below:

Increased one-on-one education

Smaller class sizes provide the opportunity for students to develop stronger relationships with their classmates and instructors.  With a lower student to instructor ratio,  it can even lead to more opportunities for one-on-one interaction . These instructors have the ability to give you attention and feedback that’s focused on you.

More hands-on learning

Large class sizes may not provide as much opportunity for  hands-on learning. Here at Edge Tech Academy, our small class-size technical school is focused on having you perform the work after  learning about it. While we review textbook information, many of our classes are very hands-on.

The curriculum can be adapted for the class

Another perk of a small class size is that the coursework can be adapted to address the needs of the students. Teachers often get to know students faster in these class settings, allowing educators to tailor their approach to the unique learning styles of the group.

Enhanced peer connections

When classrooms have fewer students, this tends to build a small community within the class. Individuals will be able to connect more closely with peers, allowing friendships to develop and help the learning process. In addition, small classes can help make students more comfortable when sharing ideas and opinions.

More inclusion for students

Students may need help with feeling included in classes. Larger class sizes  can sometimes provide less opportunity for  learners to engage, which can have a negative effect on their education. When class sizes are small, each student can get noticed. Teachers value the opinion of every individual, and these learners have more opportunities to let their voices be heard.

Intimate teaching experience for educators

Smaller class sizes can have positive impacts on teachers too. This environment allows educators to more closely observe and assess the class, which helps to determine the best teaching style. Additionally, with fewer students to manage, less time is required outside of class keeping up with the reviewing of submitted student work. 

Why Choose Us?

If you’re searching for a reputable vocational school with small class sizes, look no further than Edge Tech Academy. Our training programs are designed to prepare students for entry level employment upon completion. And with our industry-experienced instructors, students can  learn from professionals with real-world skills and knowledge in their field.

To learn more about our vocational training programs, or to speak with an admissions representative, contact Edge Tech Academy today!