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Employer Resources

Lasting Partnerships to Grow Your Workforce Start with Edge Tech Academy

Edge Tech Academy provides access to a career-ready workforce for your business. We adjust our programs and curriculum based on feedback from our program advisory members to help our students develop relevant skills that will help them succeed as the newest member of your team.

Employer College Recruiting Services

Our classroom is just the start. We connect you to our recent graduates for entry-level positions as well as our alumni who may be a fit for advanced openings at your company. Here are some of the resources you gain as one of Edge Tech Academy’s employee partners.
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Free Job Postings

Post to an internal job board to connect with graduates who may be qualified to fill those positions. We do not endorse any particular partner, allowing you to access a diverse pool of applicants.

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Candidate Pre-Screening

We can help you pre-screen candidates to ensure they meet the qualifications you are looking for and fit the culture of your company. We help pre-screen for both your entry-level and advanced openings.

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Candidate Matching

If you are looking for something in particular, we can help find the recent or upcoming graduates you need that may be able to fill available positions you have.

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Job Fairs

Career fairs are a great opportunity for you to connect with applicants in person. Our career fairs help build strong relationships between students and employers even if you aren’t currently looking for new talent.

Interview Scheduling Assistance

Interview scheduling can be a time-consuming administrative task. We want to make that easier for you. Working as a liaison between our pool of candidates and employer partners, we can help find times that work with everyone’s schedule to make interviewing easy and painless.


Access to Training and Meeting Spaces

Edge Tech Academy offers employers access to meeting and training spaces on a first come, first serve basis.

Access to a Skilled and Dedicated Workforce

Edge Tech Academy dedicates itself to creating a workforce that meets industry standards. Our students and alumni are the core of our mission, and we work hard to make sure they are set up for success in the working world. By partnering with us, you are gaining access to talent that can enhance your business and help drive you forward.