PC & Network Support Technician

Get Training To Start Your Career as A Network Support Technician

Are you tech-savvy and good at problem-solving?  If so, Edge Tech Academy offers a PC & Network Support Technician program that may be a good fit for you. Students enrolled in the PC & Network Support Technician program receive an introduction to the daily maintenance, support, and performance of computer systems; effective communication skills with vendors or technicians; and recordkeeping of help desk ticketing tasks. At the completion of this program students may be prepared to pursue career opportunities in various types of businesses. 

Becoming A PC & Network Support Technician

Our students can expect instructors to provide the fundamentals and essential skills to get started as a PC & Network Support Technician. Once working as a support technician, responsibilities can include the development of training materials, procedures, and training techniques in the proper use of hardware or software; the installation of, and minor repairs to hardware, software, or peripheral equipment. Graduates may seek careers as information technology specialists, computer technicians, help desk analysts, or network technicians.

IT is a growing career field, and as a result, becoming a PC & Network Support Technician is a great career choice.  According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics careers for PC & Network Support Technicians is projected to grow 10 percent, which is faster than average from 2018 to 2028. 


PC & Network Support Technician Training

The PC & Network Support Technician training at Edge Tech provides students the ability to develop skills in: 

  • Daily maintenance, support, and performance of computer systems
  • Installing and performing minor repairs to hardware, and software
  • Maintaining detailed records of daily data communication transactions

We also prepare our students to be assets in their work environment by assisting with team building, leadership skills, effective communication, and active listening.  These skill sets are incorporated into our curriculum.