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How to Make a Successful Career Transition

How to Make a Successful Career Transition

While it is easy to get stuck in a career that no longer serves your interests, making a career change can feel like taking a leap of faith. Fear of change can hold you back from finding a career path in a new industry. Not to mention, your whole life can feel different after a career change, which can be daunting. 

However, it is important to remember how beneficial changing careers can be for you. This is especially true in times when you know that the change will alter the course of your life in a positive way. So, how do you make a career change when the time comes? 

Helpful Steps For a Successful Career Change

The hardest part about any career change is knowing where to start. Sometimes, your current job is so easy that you can’t remember what your talents truly are. Other times, the intimidation of what is out there and fear of the hiring process can hold you back. By following these simple steps, a successful career change will seem a lot more realistic and much more exciting.

Ask Yourself What You’re Interested In 

If you’re looking to change careers but aren’t sure where to begin, start by making a list of your interests. Whether you enjoy baking, fixing things, or exploring new technologies, everyone has at least a few hobbies that could be turned into a new job. Your interests should always be carefully considered before making a career change because you’ll want to enjoy your new career path. 

Identify What You Don’t Like About Your Current Job

If you’re considering leaving your current job, then it’s likely there was at least one thing you really did not enjoy about your career direction. But before you begin searching and applying for new positions, identify what it is that made you leave your previous positions. 

Turn these negative qualities of your old career into a list and elaborate on them. Express how they made you feel or how they didn’t align with your values or interests. Once you have this list, you can better understand what qualities to avoid in your new career direction.

Identify The Qualities of Your Dream Job

Not many people end up in a career that they would consider their dream job. But this shouldn’t be the case! Small strides toward your dream career can help you open new doors that you may never have thought possible.

Everyone has different qualities they want in a career, such as weekends off, more work life balance, a caring and considerate staff, the ability to work remotely, or retirement benefits. After making a list of qualities you want in your next job, you can more successfully go into interviews knowing exactly what you want. Identifying this information can help you rule out the jobs that will not work for you and get closer to one that will.

If you are having trouble finding careers that match the qualities you are looking for, consider reaching out to a career change services agency to help you find a career that meets your standards.

Get Real-Life Experience

Sometimes what you imagine a job to be is not as great as the day-to-day life in that career. If you are unsure if a career is the right choice for you, try it out! This could involve shadowing someone in that position, volunteering in a similar field, or even holding an internship to get real-life skills and practice in the field without fully committing.

Expand Your Education 

If your interests don’t align with your current education, consider taking some classes at a local community college or university. Another option is to attend a skilled trades school. There are many benefits to a trade school. For example, at our trade school in the Dallas – Fort Worth area, you’ll learn alongside industry experienced professionals who can teach you more about your passions and help them flourish in your new career field

These career training programs allow you to learn applicable skills that can be included on a resume and applied to a modern working environment. For a successful career in skilled trades, you may want to attend a program like ours that nurtures these abilities and helps you to reach your full potential in the working world.

Do Your Research

Whether you’re in the beginning stages of a career shift or are in the process of setting up interviews, it is essential to research the fields of work and any specific companies you are interested in before pursuing them. 

Build Your Path to a New Career Today

At Edge Tech Academy, we offer career training in the Arlington, Texas area that can help push you toward a new career. Our admissions  team can help answer your questions and guide you toward a path that most aligns with your interests and values. As a trade school in Texas, our career services team can help make your resume stand out from the rest and give you a competitive boost in an extremely demanding job market after you complete your training program. If you are ready to make career transitions, request information online today and open your life up to brand-new possibilities in a career path you love.