Full Stack C#

Full Stack C# students can learn the fundamentals of building a full stack C# web application using the ASP.NET MVC framework. Students will be introduced to structured, event-driven, and object oriented programming concepts using the C# language utilized to create the models and controllers in the MVC architecture. You can learn routing, authentication, repository patterns, Razor syntax, MS SQL Object Explorer, and Entity Framework to develop a full stack web application.  

Core programming concepts in C# can be mastered, including Dot Net data types, methods and properties, and flow control to name a few. Students will develop business layer logic in the C# language with an emphasis on encapsulation and separation of concerns within the full stack environment. 

In this course you will survey a variety of different project types within Visual studio. Students will learn how to deploy console applications, forms applications for both desktop and web, and mobile applications. Students will also understand LINQ syntax and know how to use it within repositories to write advanced queries.