Express.js and Node.js allow developers to build software with JavaScript on the server side for the first time. Together, they make it possible to build an entire site with JavaScript: You can develop server-side applications with Node.js and then publish those Node.js apps as websites with Express.

Node.js wasn’t intended to build websites, the Express framework is able to layer in built-in structure and functions needed to actually build a site. It’s a lightweight framework great for giving developers extra, built-in web application features and the Express API without overriding the already robust, feature-packed Node.js platform. In short, Express and Node are changing the way developers build websites.

Express comes with two templating engines, Jade and EJS, which facilitate the flow of data into a website structure. We will be using Jade (now named Pug). Express supports the Model-View-Controller architecture, a really helpful way to build websites in a model-driven format.

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