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Learn C#.NET

If you’re looking to gain some skills that are useful and fun, it’s time to learn C#.NET. At Edge Tech Academy, you can find training in this and other programming languages.

What is C#.NET?

It isn’t exactly a programming language, but it’s related to the programming language C#. Think of .NET as the frame—it’s the scaffolding that includes both the language itself and the larger application framework. The framework is a library that provides basic structure to an application. It is what allows developers to implement software.

Who uses it?

Software and application developers of many stripes use C#.NET. It’s especially popular for designing games, most notably those that use the Unity platform. Some popular games created with this platform include Cuphead, Ori and the Blind Forest, and Monument Valley 2. Microsoft created C#.NET, so many applications that use windows use it as well.

Why learn it?

It is a great way to broaden your foundational knowledge, as it is easy to learn.If you learn C#, you’ll also learn C#.NET because they are a package deal. Having this skill is useful because it offers a solid foundation for learning other programming languages. If you are simply looking to build your existing skill set, C#.NET is for you.

How to Learn C#.NET

While this is a good foundational programming skill, it can be difficult to teach yourself. It’s also true that although traditional universities may offer courses that provide you with C#.NET training, they also require additional classes and a much longer time frame.Students may prefer to gain this skill in a specialized academy, where In as few as 8 months, you can gain the in-demand skills employers want.

Get C#.NET Training at Edge Tech Academy

Edge Tech Academy offers C# training in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Our school offersC# courses that can help you learn C#.NET with practical applications. At Edge Tech Academy, we believe in the power of hands-on learning. Contact us at (682) 330-7229 to learn more about our approach or enroll in one of our C# classes today!

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